Saturday, 12 January 2013

2013 Ahoy!

Currently a junior animator at Ubisoft for the upcoming game Watch Dogs. What rocks about Ubisoft is that they're giving classes at work and that's pretty awesome. I signed up to acting classes asap and will give as much tips on this blog about what I learned so others can pick stuff up too. Maybe if I feel bold and brave, I can even film myself *le gasp*. I'm not a stellar actor and need much improvement.
A lot of animators I know are closeted actors much like myself, but I'm working on being able to push a performance. New year resolution right there.
That and also everything animation related which is everything above it. It's gonna be a busy year! Currently working on a bat study and animation which is coming up real soon. The ballet dance animation is currently on hold, but when I start something it will be finished.

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