Friday, 25 May 2012

Cain and Abel Character Design

To start off the blog, here's some concept works I did for a particular story I created last year known as Brotherhood, a variation of Cain and Abel but with a lot more steampunk.

If you're having a hard time seeing it in its original size, simply right click the image and choose "view image". You'll then be brought to a separate link and you'll be able to click on it for its full resolution.

It was a story about two genious brothers who are both mechanics. Abel's talents get recognized by someone famous and consequently, the older brother, Cain, gets jealous. The older brother accidentally kills his younger brother while trying to sabotage his success, and desperately attempts to revive him by replacing failed organs, and limbs, ect with steampunk mechanical pieces. The only organ he could not replicate was that of his heart. Abel's body rejected anything mechanical. With the last of his strength, the older brother transfers his heart to Abel and thus dies in his brother's arms. Abel held him until there was nothing left.

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