Sunday, 27 May 2012

More Art Dump!

I promise I'll put up some of my animations soon! :) Just throwing some art dumps your way.

If you have trouble viewing them, right click, then click "View Image". This will bring you to a separate page and you'll be able to click on the image for the full resolution size.

Gesture drawing

 Art Dump of a selection of art from my first 2 years in the program

Revamped Silhouettes including those for my final film (The Kid)

Quick concept for project involving Robots

3D Room Render night and day of loft I modelled and lit (Yeah the place teleports at different times of the day)
3D Face self-portrait. It was for a project! Haha not because I'm narcissistic
Quick Speed Painting

Occupational Hazard - Speedpaint, still a WIP, will be finished eventually

Project for Matte Painting. Not much of a matte painting since I painted over all the pictures...

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