Sunday, 27 May 2012

Court of Art - The Concepts

Court of Art is my final Student Short Film

Here are some concepts and renders to show the work that went into Court of Art

Credits go to Raymon Fong for a huge help in figuring out the room's lighting scheme

 Expression sheet for Blendshapes

Demonstration of models, rig, and room all WIPs 

 This render was done when the protagonist was originally a little girl known as "Amana". Now the story is about a little boy whose name is Ayden.
What's cool about that though is that a lot of people still refer to the protagonist as a girl even though he has been changed to a guy. I wanted that ambiguity with gender since I first thought of making a movie anyway as means to say that this happens to boys, girls, and genderqueers alike.

The next following concepts were a part of my previous story which was more or less the same but a lot more complex and much too hard for a movie that lasts 2 minutes.

This concept belongs to me previous story which involved an "Imaginary Friend".

I might post the animatic of that story later!

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